Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Azurik: A hack worth a mention

This was the positive result of a hack done by JayFox some time ago, and I don't believe I've ever shared it here.  And the reason I'm sharing this is because it's screen footage of XQEMU running my favourite Xbox game, Azurik: Rize of Perathia!

There's a reason why I've always considered this game to be one of, if not the, hardest games to emulate on Xbox.  I couldn't fix it on Cxbx (and I tried for years), Microsoft couldn't do it, and even JayFox himself had quite a bit of trouble with it.  In order for this game to work, JayFox had to add a series of hacks.  I don't remember what he did, but getting it this far was quite a feat.  From what I remember, he tells me that the bug you see is an issue with floating point precision for vertex skinned meshes.  I ran into a similar issue on Cxbx, but it was much more severe as everything was greatly distorted.

The hacks used to get this far are not in his main branch, so I cannot replicate it.  Just wanting to share a bit of news that never seemed to get the mention it deserved.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oh no, is xqemu dead??

Heh, of course not!

Now, your concern about the xqemu project is greatly appreciated, however it's important to remember that JayFox and espes are two busy people.  Both of them last I checked are busy with University classes and what not, and espes has a job also.  So lately they've had their hands full.  Every once and a while progress on an emu will slow down due to IRL taking priority, that doesn't mean that it's dead because you haven't heard anything in a while or haven't seen any updates on github in a few months.  Trust me, it's not going anywhere; *Madara Uchiha voice* settle down!

So, for all of you SEGA fans out there, please enjoy this video of House of the Dead 3.  Runs quite nicely, no?

The speed of the video was increased by 8x roughly.  So considering how problematic this game was to emulate on Cxbx and xqemu at first, I'd say that xqemu is doing just fine.  The compatibility is pretty good in many cases, just a few things to sort out here and there.


Friday, September 4, 2015

More Sega Goodness

As you can see, two videos of some great (and yet underrated) Sega titles.  I didn't record the 2nd one obviously, but linked it instead of mine because pcmaker's vid was of the full retail game instead of the demo that appears to hang after the prologue.

I couldn't get these working on Cxbx to save my arse.  Just goes to show you how feasible LLE really is for those who are still in doubt.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

JSRF ingame

Ya see that?  Pretty darn awesome, isn't it?  Courtesy of espes, picture is worth a 1000 words so there's no need for me to say anything more about it!

See?  Espes and JayFox are doing just fine without my help :)


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jet Set Radio Future

Do you see this?  This is a video of XQEMU running JSRF (courtesy of JayFoxRox).  Looks pretty darn nice, doesn't it?  I'll say.

I know you all want to play it, and so do I.  Now please, pllllllllllllleeeeeeasssssssssseeeeee...... STOP ASKING ME ABOUT IT!!!  lol


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Please do not mistake me for the author or a dev of XQEMU

Okay, it seems that there's a bit of confusion about this here, and JayFoxRox pointed it out with a seemingly angry post on reddit today when I said I'm "semi-retired".  What I meant by that is that I occasionally stop what I'm doing to come back to the xbox emu scene to tinker with xqemu a bit, and interact with those who ask me questions.  There's no bad blood between us, I told him personally that I'm sorry and it wasn't my intention.  So because of that (and more), I feel it necessary to write this to avoid any further confusion.

My blog is by no means the official xqemu blog/site.  Nor have I claimed it to be. 

I do seem to get alot of people giving me credit for xqemu, but frankly, I haven't really done anything significant to thanked for.  To be perfectly honest, the most I've really done is add a missing texture or surface format and a quick and dirty fix here and there to get a few games up and running.  I gave him a little advice based on my experience in the beginning, but nothing he wasn't smart enough to figure out in the first place.

Although I've said it a few times before (but still, probably haven't said it enough), not only are espes and JayFoxRox the ones that deserve the majority of the respect, but they are also stronger/smarter devs than I am and have surpassed me a long time ago in skill.  I've had plenty of [undeserved] spotlight for a while now.  I think it's time they got a bit more where it's due.

Now, I'm not saying "don't ask me questions" or anything like that.  I can honestly say that espes and JayFoxRox are much more qualified to comment on it, since I haven't done anything as in depth as they have.  In fact, I get lots of questions about Xenia from time to time, and I have to tell everyone straight up that I haven't done a darn thing in that project since 360 is not and never was any area of expertise to me.  Heck, I never had a CPU that could run it up until yesterday! O_o

Once again, just writing this so everyone knows I have no intention or desire to steal any credit from this.  On top of that, I refused to take the full credit for Cxbx because caustik is still the author, and if it weren't for him, we wouldn't have ANY Xbox emulators at all!  All minds clear?  Good.  Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

More XQEMU Progress!

Once again, I dare not take credit for most of these (nor would I take full credit for what I did fix), but I spent my Saturday afternoon fooling around with XQEMU, and this is what I managed to do/discover.  I noticed a missing/broken feature or two in the code today, so I went in there, and fixed 'em to the best of my ability.  What happened?  I ended up getting Namco Museum ingame, and Panzer Dragoon 1 is now playable.

I took a video of these two games in action.

JayFoxRox informed me that he fixed the flipping issue that's been going on in some games like Namco Museum.  Not 100% sure what the issue with Panzer Dragoon is, but for now, just enjoy the feeling of playing this game on acid!

Also, I've got to admit, this emulator is progressing much faster than Cxbx has, and the compat list is growing rather fast.  I tested and tinkered with a handful of other games, and I'll update my compat list later because it's 4am, and I'm tired.... and yes, I tried JSRF, it doesn't work yet.

Well, that was a weekend well spent.  Good night everyone.